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New Lifted Trucks For Sale?


Yes, you can buy a brand new lifted truck, still receive manufacturer rebates/incentives, and full warranty coverage!  If you've never heard of the new lifted truck market before, you've come to the only place online that's all about it.  Not only do we have dealer listings of vehicles available for immediate purchase/delivery, but we will also educate you on how it works.


Elevated Truck Upfitters

The truck upfitter companies that are authorized by OEM's to do these vehicle modifications are not the same as a local truck modification shop.  Many of their relationships with truck manufacturers go back decades, and they are held to a very high standard with the products they produce.  They have new trucks shipped directly from the manufacturers' factory to them and sell their packages to new dealers.  They are not permitted to do modifications to any used vehicles.  They are required by the OEM's to mirror the manufacturers' warranty that would normally be voided due to the vehicle modifications.  Similar to purchasing a new stock truck, you can purchase a new truck with an authorized upfitters package, and take it to any dealer in the country for any warranty issues with the upfitters product components.  Because these vehicles are brand new, you still receive all manufacturer rebates/incentives as if you're purchasing a new stock truck.  Depending on what the current rebates/incentives are, they can significantly offset the price of the upfitter package.


Additional "Trim Package"?

With new trucks trim levels and pricing running a very large spectrum, consumers can think of new lifted trucks as an additional trim option that they have available.  Sure these products won't be for everyone, however, for those who want to be different, the upfitters offer a great foundation to build from for your post-purchase add-ons, or just keep the standalone upfitter package.  The choice and freedom are up to you!


Inventory Levels

Current dealer inventory levels are low, and thus you won't see a huge number of available units on the site.  Inventory levels will rise as consumer demand increases for these products.


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